Nyloil and Cast Nylon and it's properties. »

Nyloil Nyloil is a cast nylon with built-in oil lubrication.  It provides excellent bearing characteristics not found in any other material.  Nyloil was developed specifically to extend the wear-resistant properties of unlubricated or dry lubricated materials like MoS2-filled nylon, and has proved itself an extremely effective, self-lubricated bearing material for more than 10 years. real ...
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PVC ~ Properties and Machining Information »

PVC Type 1 Vintec I is a normal impact, corrosion-resistant material offering an excellent chemical resistance. (Type I Grade 1 Dark Gray PVC conforms to ASTM D1784, Class 12454-8.) Vintec I® is highly recommended for applications where the concentration of acids or alkalies are high, normal working temperatures are relatively low (140° F or below) ...
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Phenolic Material ~ Grades, Properties and Fabrication Info »

Phenolic CCE online essay service This grade is composed of a continuous cotton woven cloth impregnated with a phenolic resin binder.  This grade contains a medium weave canvas and is known primarily for it's mechanical properties.  This grade is not recommended for primary insulation. Canvas C has a high impact strength and resiliency.  It is ...
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3rd Annual Mid Atlantic ShopBot Camp »

On Septemebr 08, 2012 we will once again be hosting the 3rd Annual Mid Atlantic ShoBot Camp. It's free to everyone and you can register here !!! adobe video software http://shopbotcamp.eventbrite.com/ zp8497586rq
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DESIGN A CANE – WIN $100 !!! »

OK as many of you may have read I crushed my right heel bone about a month ago. I have since had surgery and the long healing process has begun. Im not going to be able to put any weight on it for another 10 weeks and then I will be needing a cane for ...
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Safety Third ??? You say !!! »

buy papers for college online A great question was asked of me recently. If Safety is third, then what are one and two, and why are they more important than safety? Well, to answer that question, you must understand that in reality, safety is not really third, or less important– but more like something that ...
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Instrumentation Panels ?? Why Yes we can !! »

Yes we do make instrument panels. We can make instrument panels for your boat, plane, automobile, and train even if you have one. Or specialty, however, is  Marine (boat) instrument panels though. We do instrument panels for all size vessels from hundreds of feet to small boats, like, Mako's, Bayliners, Sea-Ray, Boston Whalers, Chris Crafts and a ...
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Knowing What Glue to use is an important thing ! »

Choosing the right glue for the right job can be a bit confusing. This table shows you how to select the right glue, based on the materials that need to be bonded. NOTE: This table is just a guideline, always remember to read the packaging, and obey any safety instructions provided with your products. Some of ...
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Helping those who have lost so much ! »

As we have all been watching, the weather this last week has brought much devastation and destruction to the southeastern states. expository essays Which left us pondering over the best way to help these people who now mostly have nothing. We thought about just donating to one of the corpoate cause donation pools like Red ...
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Maker Faire Season »

Is fast approaching. So we just wanted to post a scheduale of those and the many Mini Maker Faires going on this season. THE MAIN MAKER FAIRES Maker Faire San Mateo May 21-22 2011 http://makerfaire.com/bayarea/2011/ Maker Faire DETROIT July 30-31 2011 http://makerfaire.com/detroit/2011/ Maker Faire NYC September 17-18 2011 http://makerfaire.com/newyork/2011/ THE MINI MAKER FAIRES Mid-Atlantic Maker Faire April 30 ...
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