Design Assistance

Don’t let the vast sea of software technology prevent you from making your design idea a reality. We provide design assistance for many software platforms. Bring us your ‘napkin ideas’ and we can collaborate with you to turn them into reality.

Laser Cutting & Engraving

Laser cutting and engraving services are available on our 38″ x 24″ 75 W CO2 laser, with 4th axis indexing.

CNC Machining and Milling

Our CNC machining and milling capabilities are preformed on our 96″ x 48″ x 12″ ShopBot CNC tool.

3D Printing

We can model your parts and designs for Form, Function and Fit using High-performance Composites on our 3D ZPrinter 650 from Z Corp.

Thermo / Vacuum Forming


Send us your part designs we enjoy making just 1 or 2 of things. So we can figure out if it all fits and functions like it was designed.