DESIGN A CANE – WIN $100 !!!

OK as many of you may have read I crushed my right heel bone about a month ago. I have since had surgery and the long healing process has begun. Im not going to be able to put any weight on it for another 10 weeks and then I will be needing a cane for at least a year after that according to the doctor.

So with that in mind I decided what an interesting idea. I'll hold a contest for Shop Bot owners that have INDEXERS to design and cut me a cane that I can use during that time period and after, since I am apparently always gonna need a cane from now on due to this injury.

So here are the details :

Dimensions/Design: the overall dimensions should be 36″ long X 1.25″ Diameter to highest point of the design design depth should be between .128 and .25 deep. ( this insures there is a 1″ solid core to the cane ) there needs to be a 1″ plain tip on the bottom and top of the cane, for the rubber tip and the brass ball top to be installed on( I will provide the and finished handle )

Must be designed in Aspire / or the program of your choice BUT IT MUST BE POST HERE as a *.crv3d file type so that the judging team and I can review your entry.

The design MUST be made Publicly available to the SHOPBOT community by posting it here.
(feel free to licenses it under Creative Commons Share and Share Alike Non-Commercial )

Must be carved on a Shop Bot Indexer.

Must provide a video of the winning cane being carved that can be used by Shopbot for posting on ShopBot TV.

Must be carved from a close grain hardwood.


DEADLINE : ALL design entries should be posted here to the forum and emailed to me at 3aih (at) angushines . com NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 5th 2011. The cane will have to be Manufactured and delivered to me NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 5th 2011.

Posted on: October 8, 2011 @ 10:29 am