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  • About Us

    Hines Design Labs was founded to provide you with the best machining options for your designs and projects. Whether you need Laser Cutting/Engraving, CNC Routing and Milling, 3D scanning or 3D Printing we're here to help you meet your design needs. We also, offer other machining and prototyping design services that can be found on our services page.

    Our strategy is to create value through company-customer interaction at the design, fabrication and assembly stage of the project to produce customized products at a scale and cost that can't be matched by mass production.

    We embrace this new frontier because of its ability to provide an increase in variety and customization without the increased cost and to help our customers gain a strategic advantage and economic value in their market place.

    With this idea in mind and the 80 years of combined experience our staff of engineers, designers, and fabricators have to offer, Hines Design Labs can help you make the best choices for your entire project and design needs.

  • Services

    Design Assistance
    Bring us your ‘napkin ideas’ and we can collaborate with you to turn them into reality.

    Laser Cutting & Engraving
    Laser cutting and engraving services are available on our 38″ x 24″ 75 W CO2 laser, with 4th axis indexing.

    CNC Machining and Milling
    Our CNC machining and milling capabilities are preformed on our 96″ x 48″ x 12″ ShopBot CNC tool.

    3D Printing
    We can model your parts and designs for Form, Function and Fit using High-performance Composites on our 3D ZPrinter 650 from Z Corp.

    Send us your part designs we enjoy making just 1 or 2 of things. So we can figure out if it all fits and functions like it was designed.